Advanced Breastfeeding Care in Phoenix, Arizona

Are you struggling to make breastfeeding work?

Maybe you already got breastfeeding off to a great start, but you’re hitting some roadblocks. You want your breastfeeding journey to be joyful, easy, and just not that big a deal—because this is the way your nourish your baby—but you're not sure how to get there. 

Or maybe you're a fellow health and wellness professional who wants to help your breastfeeding client pursue true well-being—not keep struggling to make enough milk, endure pain, or give up on breastfeeding. You were raised in a culture that normalized formula and bottle feeding, but now you've committed to taking a holistic approach instead. You just need some help getting rooted in this paradigm and mastering your breastfeeding skills.   

Whether you're struggling with breastfeeding yourself or trying to help others (or both), my online courses are designed to help create a world where ALL mothers have the confidence to create a joyful connection with their children through breastfeeding. 


Babies Suck! Demystifying How Babies Breastfeed

Join Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC, COMS as she discusses the mechanics of latching and infant feeding; the anatomy of the baby’s mouth and mother’s breast and how they work together. Anyone who works with breastfeeding mothers will benefit from this enlightening session.

This course is over 1 hour long and will help you understand the nuances of infant feeding mechanics, be able to recognize when dysfunction is present, and learn the importance of tongue function. It starts with a review of when oral function begins in the womb, then dives into the anatomy of the facial and oral muscles and nerves involved in feeding, then shows video of infants feeding and showing their movements. It discusses the latch and how and why it can go wrong. Then we cover tongue, lip and buccal ties and their impact on feeding. We also cover bottle feeding and pacifier use and how it deforms the oral cavity.