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I am SO grateful for Jacqueline! I was referred to her by my Doula and my babies Chiropractor! Jacqueline is so extremely knowledgeable, she was able to recognize my babies tongue, lip, and buccal ties. She recommended the best Dr. for us to see as well. Jacqueline was able to answer all of my questions regarding the ties as well as all of my breastfeeding concerns. She is so amazing when interacting with my baby (she checked the healing of the ties, and helped me feel so confident when doing the stretches post procedure). Jacqueline is the best at what she does, she was unbelievably helpful with all questions and concerns I had with breastfeeding. She helped me to feel so confident with my ability to nurse my baby. She is heaven sent, and I recommend ANYONE to see her! shes amazing, and has helped us so very much! You will not find a better lactation consultant out there!

/  sonja k. -- Grateful mom  /


I'm a mother of 2, and both breastfeeding journeys were extremely difficult in the beginning. My son had mouth ties and Jacquline was able to give me advice, directions, feedback, and positioning to get me through the pain, while we waited for his revision. She sat through a nursing session with us to help me make changes and give pointers. She is extremely knowledgable and can help you find a comfortable way to nurse your baby! I saw many LC with my first child and let me tell you- the experiences are NOT equal and I had some very terrible experiences beforehand. The LC at the hospital just don't have the time to give quality care or even know what to look for when women have trouble. I'm so happy there are independent LC like Jacquline available to help us! Also, I had United Healthcare and they reimbursed me for the visit, check with your insurance beforehand for possible reimbursement (we had to fight for it, but we got it).

/  erika s. -- Grateful mom  /


I don’t normally write reviews, but Jacqueline has been such a phenomenal resource I had to share my recommendation. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable, supportive and caring. She makes you feel comfortable the moment you walk into her office.

My own personal experience started when Jacqueline was able to identify a tongue, lip and buccal ties on my 2 week old son. She provided me with a plan, exercises, pain protocols and multiple doctor recommendations to give meeverything I needed to support my son. For a sleep deprived mama, it was so helpful! She gave me a detailed write up of our visit which was easy to follow.

Because of Jacqueline’s attention to detail, I was able to incorporate bodywork prior to the revision, feel confident following a homeopathic healing and pain protocol and confidently execute all the exercises and stretches following the revision. She was always available to ease my mind following the procedure as well.

I believe the success of revisions rests heavily on the parents shoulders. You have to do it all. You need the right team of 3- a great IBCLC, a knowledgeable chiropractor to do bodywork and someone to do the revision itself. You also need to follow through with follow up appointments and commit to doing ALL the exercises and stretches. Jacqueline is a great team lead to help you manage it all!

Not only is Jacqueline great, scheduling is easy, the location is convenient (with easy parking) and her office is clean and comfortable. I highly recommend her!

/  REBECCA G. -- Grateful MOM  /

I just wanted to take a moment and say how absolutely grateful I am to have Jacqueline Kincer’s help. She helped diagnose my son’s lip and tongue ties, assisted in getting the revisions done at the same time, repeatedly checking on his progress and working on his latch, and so much more. Yes, these are all duties of any ibclc, but what sets her apart is her genuine passion about breastfeeding and her gentle love and care for her clients – both baby and momma. We’ve come so far since the birth of my son two months ago, and I couldn’t have asked for someone more compassionate and knowledgeable than her. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out for help, especially to such an absolutely wonderful individual.

/  ANNA B. -- Grateful MOM  /

Jacqueline is a beacon of light in the darkness. I was struggling with my second child, who ate well, but endlessly. I just knew in my gut something wasn’t right, and knew Jacqueline was just the person who could help. She really knows her stuff, and has been a true joy to work with. She helped diagnose my daughter’s Eiffel Tower tie, and was instrumental in helping me get it revised, along with recommending the OH SO NEEDED follow up body work to pull everything together and reach the best outcome possible. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with feeding issues; she is a sweet soul who truly cares about her clients and loves to see mothers succeed and babies thrive.

/  Monica C. -- HAPPY MOM  /

First time mom here. I had my baby in January and through gritted teeth (and maybe some swears) I painfully breastfed my little girl. I just thought that’s how it was supposed to be! I was exclusively pumping for almost a month because it was so painful. But then I was referred to Jacqueline and she discovered right away that my baby had both tongue AND lip ties. We had procedures done to fix the ties and now here we are, my baby is 4 months old and nursing like a champ, no pain. I’m glad Jacqueline was there to find our problems and reassure us that breastfeeding is NOT supposed to be painful. She also taught me what a good latch looks like. Without her help I wouldn’t be breastfeeding now.

/  Ashley G. -- Grateful MOM  /

While tandem nursing I developed a terrible dental abscess related to my wisdom teeth coming in on an incorrect angle. Not only did I need to resolve the abscess, but I was also faced with dental extraction within the OR under heavy sedation. While the dental team I was dealing with advised me that I would need to stop nursing immediately and forever, Jacqueline provided me support, guidance and plenty of evidence based articles and advice for options for ensuring that even if a temporary cessation of nursing was needed, how my babies and I could continue our nursing relationship and what drugs were in fact safe to take while nursing.
So, in the end this not only allowed me to continue nursing my nurslings but educated my dental specialists who were thankful for the newly obtained knowledge. All of us involved a great understanding of how breastfeeding and certain medications interact as well as the alternatives available to women who may need to temporarily stop nursing due to drug interactions.

/  CARA G. -- Grateful MOM  /


Jacqueline was fabulous!  My daughter started nursing differently at 6 weeks old and I reached out to Jacqueline.  She was quick and easy to schedule with and she came out to my house the following week!  I felt like she was so relatable which is huge as a new mom!  We learned that my daughter had tongue and lip ties and Jacqueline walked us through the process of correcting that, as well as all the aftercare that goes with it.  My experience with her was so much better than with the lactation consultant at the hospital where my daughter was born.  Jacqueline was actually rooting for me!

/  shannon k. -- Grateful mom  /


We had an amazing experience with Jacqueline! Shortly after having my second baby, we walked through almost the same story as my first – NICU stay with extremely high jaundice, having to supplement because of jaundice level, baby not maintaining deep latch without cross cradle position, concentrated urine, days in between stools, super gassy, mild reflux, low supply, not gaining weight adequately, etc. Despite taking some supplements and pumping, I thought I was one of the 1% of women with low milk supply. However, I decided to reach out to a lactation consultant to see if I was missing anything. Jacqueline came to my house the following day and worked with us. Despite having a good latch in cross cradle, baby was still not urinating and stooling adequately. Jacqueline discovered that my little one had both a posterior tongue tie and lip tie! I had assessed both of my babies for tongue ties and knew (or so I thought) that they didn’t have one. However, I had never heard of a posterior tie or lip tie! We were able to get my little one’s ties released that week and began a journey of nursing, pumping, and taking many supplements to try to increase my supply! It was a lot of work, but thankfully releasing the tongue and lip ties, allowed my little one to latch better and begin to nurse beautifully! Unfortunately, I was unable to get my supply up, however, I was able to use the SNS (supplemental nursing system) – something that I was unable to do prior to the tie releases! We have discovered since, that my toddler also has a posterior tongue tie and lip tie, which completely explains the issues we had with him as well! Jacqueline worked with me so much those first few months! She helped me navigate through trying to build my milk supply, trying various supplements and homeopathic remedies, pumping, weighted feedings, etc. We are 6 months out now and still exclusively nursing with the SNS! I’m tearing up as I write this, because I’m SO grateful for Jacqueline helping us have a beautiful breastfeeding experience (despite my low supply and having to use the SNS)! I am forever grateful for her and highly recommend her!!

/  Meghan M. -- Grateful MOM  /


I just left my appointment with Jacqueline and I had to hug her before I left! It was the best experience because I left knowing what was wrong in my breastfeeding journey. My son has a tongue tie that made feeding hard. I thought it was me. I thought it was because I give him bottles and that was why he wasn't opening wide enough. He has reflux which could also be caused by his tongue tie, I thought it was my diet. She referred me to a PT and NP to correct his tie. I loved having a plan in place instead of not knowing what to do next. She checked my pump because it was so painful feeding on my left and she knew it was the flange. She was kind enough to give me a set of Pumpin Pals in my size and instantly I felt a difference. Both she and her intern made me feel at ease and let me know what I am doing now was the right thing and it's OK not to have all the answers at once. I feel better equipped to feed my son at the breast and once I have his tongue tie corrected I will be going back to see her. I would highly recommended her to anyone looking for a lactation consultant.

/  Elizabeth j. -- Grateful mom  /


Jacqueline was a life saver! My first baby was tongue/lip tie and went undiagnosed despite us seeing multiple lactation consultants for 4 months! I was a new mom and the first 6 months were a nightmare with all the breast feeding challenges. I was determined that it would be different my second time and thanks to Jacqueline it has been! I reached out to her when my baby was 4 weeks old and she was very flexible with her schedule and immediately got me in. It turned out that he was also tongue/lip tie, I was devastated due to my experience with my first. However, she validated my feelings and reassured me. She armed me with all the right tools to make this second time go much smoother; and it absolutely was! What I love most about her is that she is not only knowledgeable in breast feeding but also in the overall health of baby and mom. I love her holistic approach, treating both the physical and emotional side of breast feeding. She also makes herself available to you at all times, which is really comforting....Her intern Lina is also wonderful! I truly enjoyed my visits with the two of them, they made me feel so comfortable and I learned a lot...I would just like to say to all mom's who feel so frustrated with nursing challenges that you want to give up, that you think things won't get better - to reach out for help because with the right team you can do it and it is so worth it! With her help my baby boy has a great latch, is growing beautifully, healthy & happy and I love every second I have the blessing to nurse him! Thank you Jacqueline for all your help!

/  rossanna s. -- Grateful mom  /


My son was born in April of this year and had severe gas, digestive issues and colic like symptoms after every feeding along with a poor latch. At 8 weeks we decided enough was enough. We were referred to Jacqueline by our family chiropractor and called her right away. Jacqueline was able to make time to see us quickly and confirmed that our son had a lip and a tongue tie which we had suspected. She has expert knowledge and experience when it comes to lip and tongue ties and is great at explaining everything during her consultation. She helped us pre and post correction procedure with helpful exercises and other coping strategies. She goes above and beyond when it comes to lactation care... offering resources, referrals, and other support. She was honest and straight forward with us on things that were tough, but that we needed to hear and was willing to do whatever she could on her end to help us have a positive and successful breastfeeding experience. Today at almost 5 months, our son is doing so well with breastfeeding and he is happy, healthy and thriving. Thanks for all your help and support Jacqueline!

/  TASHA S. -- Grateful MOM  /


As a mother of two with my first being perfectly breast feed for a year, I thought I would have no problems with baby girl #2. Boy was I wrong. My daughter ended up having some advanced issues ( food allergies, tongue and lip ties ) I had never heard of these things. I was on a mom support group on social media and that's where I was referred to Jacquline Kincer.  

She is amazing helped me tremendously  was able to come to my home and is so knowledgeable. She helped me with diet supplementation exercises for my daughter and followed up with us to see how our progress was. I learned a lot and my daughter and I are in a much better place now!!

I will tell anyone looking for help that she is the one to go to.

/  natalie n. -- Grateful mom  /


Nursing my son was so painful, his poor latch made nursing something I dreaded. He was causing so much damage to me I grew fearful of feeding him. We suspected he had a tongue and lip tie, but we had no clue what to do so I made an appointment with Jacqueline and hoped she would be able to help us. When we met with Jacqueline she helped us get a plan in place for having his tongue and lip tie released. She sent us to a top notch provider for his release and also recommended several excellent chiropractors for us to see afterwards. She is very knowledgeable and armed us with a ton of information and exercises to do with my son. Jacqueline is nothing short of amazing! With Jacqueline's help we were able to get my son the help he needed for his tongue and lip tie, and also get much needed assistance to help teach him how to latch again. The past two weeks have been so special to me, even now as I write this my son is happily nursing and I am loving every minute of it. I was so ready to give up, so ready to call it quits. If not for Jaqueline I might have! But now nursing is no longer painful, it's not something I dread but now something I enjoy. He and I are both loving this new nursing relationship we have. Before meeting with Jacqueline my husband and I felt so lost, but thanks to Jaqueline I can now have the nursing experience I dreamed of. We are forever grateful for everything she has done for us. Thank you Jaqueline!

/  ALLISON C. -- Grateful MOM  /

Having my first baby I assumed that breastfeeding would be a breeze, I mean everyone made it look that way! It was so much more challenging than I had thought. I initially tried to get help from the lactation consultant at the hospital but only found myself frustrated as she tried to make me fit a cookie cutter mold and forced my baby to feed and latch. It was not helpful. Jacqueline was polar opposite. First off, coming to my home helped me to be far more relaxed as she worked with us in our environment. She also weighs the baby before and after feeding so that you know how much they’re actually eating. This really helped to put me at ease to know that he’s getting what he needs. I think my favorite part about Jacqueline is how knowledgeable she is about the body and overall health of the baby. She is a true expert in her field! Additionally she makes herself available to you for questions and concerns which is really helpful and comforting. Dealing with a tongue tie and upper lip tie, we had a challenging and frustrating few weeks, but Jacqueline truly helped to make the process easier and educate me in how to best help my baby.

/  RACHEL D. -- Grateful MOM  /

Jacqueline is so knowledgeable! Breastfeeding my first baby came very easily and I had no problems, so I was surprised when I got mastitis and a recurring clogged duct with my second baby. She was able to come to me the next day and gave me a lot of helpful advice including homeopathic remedies which saved me from getting mastitis again! She also checked my baby for ties. I really loved that she had her own baby with her because she could demonstrate using a real and wiggly baby. Jacqueline has a special strong and calm energy she brings with her and I instantly lost my flustered feelings when she arrived.

/  KASSY P. -- Grateful MOM  /