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Episode 28: How Your Subconscious Mind Affects Breastfeeding

September 4, 2020

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In this incredible episode, I’m interviewing Ilyse Soutine, subconscious transformation coach and creator of the Subconscious Shift Call. We are taking the breastfeeding conversation in a totally different direction with our discussion of external standards, feelings of guilt and shame, and how our subconscious programming conditions us to doubt ourselves.

I know there’s a lot of self-help motivational type of content out there, but you can’t just tell yourself how to think. There’s a deeper layer of our consciousness that we need to address. Ilyse shares some amazing ideas for cultivating self-compassion, undoing our own destructive mental programming and honoring the sacredness of motherhood.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How the subconscious mind controls 95% of our behavior
  • From ages 0-7 your child’s brain is in a theta brain wave state (doesn’t know difference between reality and imagination)
  • How breastfeeding programs your child’s subconscious mind for life
  • How your own subconscious programming is affecting your breastfeeding and mothering journey
  • Ways to create awareness of your subconscious self and shift your mental programming