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Episode 35: Milk, Entrepreneurship & Mindset with Cassandra Shuck

, , , , , , , January 27, 2021

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Cassandra Shuck is an entrepreneurial guide and self-described serial entrepreneur who started her marketing agency 11 years ago. She got her roots in the corporate world and began her motherhood journey then. These days, Cassandra is busy with motherhood, running a lactation cookie business, hosting an amazing podcast, and being an incredible coach for fellow entrepreneurs.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • All about self sabotage, perfectionism, and limiting beliefs and how they hold us back in life (and even breastfeeding)
  • Cassandra’s personal motherhood and breastfeeding journey, and how she overcame the many challenges she faced along the way
  • How trauma affects us on every level of our lives
  • Incredible suggestions for balancing motherhood, breastfeeding, and entrepreneurship (and working too!)