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Episode 59: Working, Traveling & Pumping with Karlee Vincent

, , October 21, 2021

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Today we are joined by Karlee Vincent, founder of the Traveling Milk Truck. Karlee is a millennial mom who has co-managed technology company events for 100,000 attendees, while struggling to breastfeed in airplanes and hotels on the road. Her persistence led to new policies, including breast milk shipments sent across country to a mom’s home at company expense. She also helped to establish a mothers’ room, a private space for nursing moms at every company conference. Her passionate for creating a community that changes our culture in a positive way for nursing moms is loud and clear in her interview.

Karlee’s book-in-progress is a guide to help moms create the best workplace situations for themselves and their babies. Karlee lives near San Francisco with her husband and daughters.

In today’s show we discuss:

  • Finding allyship and cultivating kindness in the workplace while pumping
  • Breastfeeding on the road and in airplanes
  • Advocating for yourself as a breastfeeding parent
  • Great breastfeeding gear for traveling moms