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Episode 61: Breastfeeding Multiples with Lindsay Castiglione BS, IBCLC

, , , November 18, 2021

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In today’s episode we have Lindsay Castiglione sharing her incredible perspective & knowledge with us about breastfeeding multiples. Although there has been great growth toward society supporting & normalizing breastfeeding, there is still a huge need for resources in the multiples community.

There are a few areas of early lactation that are vital to success with multiples, but these areas are not often covered in-depth during traditional prenatal breastfeeding classes. We discuss how so many multiples born preterm or premature, so we need a solid focus on bringing in a milk supply even if our babies are not strong, effective nursers. Often this means completely bringing in a supply with a hospital grade pump, or if babies are older, letting them practice but immediately following with a short pumping session to stimulate supply.

We talk about preterm babies (with 50% of twins born between 35-37w, triplets and even earlier) and the common issues like low blood sugar, jaundice, and constant fatigue common with this early birth. When not talked about enough prenatally, and when experienced immediately postpartum, these situations can feel like an enormous crisis. Instead, we can understand the causes, and be armed with a plan of how to manage without compromising supply in those early days.

Lindsay also shares her fascinating story as a mom of 2 sets of twins. Through a lot of trials and tribulations she was able to breastfeed both sets! Lindsay now runs the Full Hearts Collaborative, teaching classes to parents expecting multiples, combined with her private practice specializing in NICU, Exclusive Pumping, and Multiples lactation care.