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Episode 65: What to Do Before Treating Your Baby’s Ties

, , May 11, 2022

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We’re back! Today we’re talking about what options you have before treating your baby’s oral ties (such as lip tie, tongue tie, and buccal ties). If you’ve been looking for answers about what to do if you know or suspect your baby has any oral ties, this episode is for you!

Jacqueline covers all things tie-related, as well as when and how to seek a proper functional diagnosis. You’ll learn about what’s involved in treating ties, suck training, nipple shields and what proper aftercare should look like. You’ll also hear why it’s best not to rush into getting the ties released right away.

Maybe you’re thinking your baby has ties, but you don’t know where to get help. Jacqueline discusses the importance of getting the proper medical team together, and knowing who to hire, the harm of trying to diagnose on your own, and what proper aftercare should look like.

In today’s show we discuss:

● Who to see when you think your baby’s might have oral ties

● Understanding whether your baby has ties and if they are worth being treated

● What proper aftercare looks like

● Things to do before & after the procedure to ensure success

● What to do when breastfeeding is painful

● What to expect if you’ve gotten your baby’s ties released but not seen an IBCLC

● Why it’s essential to have a lactation consultant to walk you through the process

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