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Episode 67: Parent Journey: Prince & Heidi Sabena (Part 2)

, , , , May 25, 2022

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In today’s episode, we continue Prince and Heidi’s parent journey with their daughter, Ruby while living in Africa. We come to the resolution of their breastfeeding journey and how they finally got help and sought the answers they needed.

Jacqueline discusses the dynamic between Prince & Heidi, their marriage, and their journey as co-parents going through this entire process together. Prince tells his perspective on the entire process and balancing breastfeeding and formula. The couple also looks back on the entire process.

In today’s show we discuss:

  • Researching options for surgery and recovery therapy
  • Coming to terms with what needs to be done for Ruby
  • Moving through Ruby’s surgery and post op
  • Therapy, stretches, and recovery
  • How Ruby is doing today and looking back on their experience
  • Moving through balancing formula and breastfeeding

A Glance at This Episode:

  • [2:09] Heidi and Prince realize they need to start researching other options
  • [3:40] The couple is introduced to Dr. Michelle Long in Cape town who provides a glimmer of hope for Ruby’s journey
  • [6:28] They agree to move forward with Ruby’s surgery
  • [8:19] Ruby’s surgery was complete and now she is on the road to recovery
  • [10:22] Sutures and post-op recovery
  • [12:36] They start to see and witness bigger shifts for Ruby since having the surgery
  • [15:22] Where they’re at today and how Ruby is doing
  • [22:26] How they balanced breastfeeding and formula
  • [30:07] Last words of encouragement for anyone going through anything similar

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