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Episode 77: My Top Tools for Breastfeeding

, , August 3, 2022

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In today’s episode, Jacqueline combines her clinical expertise with her personal experience to bring you her top tools for breastfeeding. She’ll clear up some myths about these common breastfeeding tools, as well as teach you how to use them properly. She also goes through some popular brands and compares them for you.

If you are a new mom, or an expecting mom and you’re wondering what tools you need in your bag, this is definitely an episode for you. Even if you’re an experienced breastfeeding mom, this episode is so helpful to help clear up some myths and how these very common tools are intended to be used.

In today’s show, we discuss:

  • World breastfeeding week and why it’s so important in today’s culture
  • Manual pumps vs. silicone breast pumps
  • Brands of electric pumps on the market today
  • Why some electric pumps can be detrimental to your milk supply
  • How pumping bras significantly help pumping moms
  • The best nursing pillow if you’re having trouble with latching and positioning
  • What carriers you should use at what stage of infancy

A Glance at This Episode:

  • [1:44] World Breastfeeding Week and its origin
  • [6:29] Why you should always have a manual pump on hand
  • [15:13] Brands of electric pumps on the market right now
  • [21:48] Flange size and why it matters
  • [25:40] Pumping bras and why they’re a must-have for any pumping mom
  • [27:45] Nursing pillow myths and how most are being used incorrectly
  • [32:14] Reusable nursing pads vs. disposable nursing pads
  • [34:14] The benefit of using carriers and what kinds to use when

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