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Episode 78: Low Milk Supply: True or False?

August 10, 2022

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In this episode, Jacqueline talks about a common and frustrating problem that a lot of moms have, perceived low milk supply.

Many moms will think they have a low milk supply, but actually they are just fine and are often lacking some education on what normal breastfeeding/pumping looks like.

This episode clears it all up for you—whether you’re a new mom, a seasoned mom, or just new to breastfeeding.

Jacqueline shares the top reasons that moms think they have a low milk supply, and what an actual low milk supply would look like. She also shares breastfeeding resources, and gives tips on when to seek professional help.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How online ‘coaches’ are popping up more on social media and the safety concern for your babies medical wellbeing
  • All about the letdown/Milk Ejection Reflex
  • Knowing how to read your baby’s hunger cues and when to work with a professional
  • Why moms think they have a low milk supply and what a low milk supply actually would look like
  • Milk transfer vs. milk production
  • Problems and myths around perceived low milk supply

A glance at this episode:

  • [7:06] The difference between coaches and medical providers.
  • [8:13] The rumor behind not having a letdown when nursing and how this is highly inaccurate
  • [13:51] The most common reason moms think they have a low milk supply
  • [21:40] Working with a professional to identify why your baby is crying
  • [25:22] The best ways we have for breastfeeding success
  • [28:31] Milk transfer vs. milk production
  • [34:39] Problems that arise from perceived low milk supply
  • [38:36] Perceived low milk supply with pumping
  • [47:20] Myths around low milk supply

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