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Episode 79: Cleft Babies & Breastfeeding

, August 17, 2022

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In today’s episode, Jacqueline is joined by Alyssa Messick. A mom of two on her journey of integrating cleft with breastfeeding. Alyssa shares her story about trying to feed her newborn babies while being a new mom and trying to keep her mental health stable.

This is a great episode for any mama with a cleft baby, or expecting a cleft baby. This is definitely a unique challenge and a lot of women wonder how they can combine that journey with breastfeeding. This is also an amazing story of perseverance, and one determined mama.

In today’s show, we discuss:

  • Types of clefts that Alyssa’s children were diagnosed with
  • How Alyssa mentally dealt with the diagnoses
  • Both of Alyssa’s birth stories and beyond
  • Pumping for her first child
  • Breastfeeding her second child
  • How Alyssa supports women today

A Glance at This Episode:

  • [1:16] Alyssa shares how she found out her children were cleft and how she dealt with the diagnosis
  • [4:23] Types of clefts that Alyssa’s kids were diagnosed with
  • [5:15] Alyssa’s birth plan with her 2nd son after knowing the diagnosis, and during the first month of feeding
  • [12:29] Alyssa talks about her support system
  • [14:03] Alyssa’s son is readmitted to the hospital for the second time
  • [21:56] How Alyssa balances work amongst the hospital stays and surgeries
  • [23:50] Transitioning from the hospital back home
  • [27:27] Alyssa shares her second experience with her next baby also being diagnosed with cleft
  • [34:34[ Alyssa’s breastfeeding journey with her second
  • [38:04] Breastfeeding after the newborn stage
  • [39:30] How Alyssa is supporting other cleft moms
  • [43:02] How Alyssa weaned her son and when

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