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Episode 88: Guide to Night Weaning Your Baby

, October 26, 2022

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In this episode, Jacqueline goes a bit deeper into weaning, and shares all her tips and tricks for night weaning. If you are one of those moms that is losing sleep because your baby or toddler is still nursing, then this episode will provide you with some realistic expectations and some starter tips on night weaning.

Weaning can be overwhelming, you shouldn’t have to be sleep deprived also. Creating  a structure and a plan, and implementing that with a good support system can drastically help your quality of sleep for both your and your child.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Expectations through the first year and goals for a healthy sleep schedule
  • Why children seek that connection and stability for a nighttime routine
  • Why you should have a plan for night weaning
  • How to choose when to night wean
  • Steps to take to start implementing your plan


A glance at this episode:

  • [1:32] Some key things to address first if your child isn’t sleeping well
  • [2:45] Approximately how long your baby should be sleeping through the night the first year
  • [4:03] What exactly is ‘sleeping through the night’ and what is the goal
  • [5:26] What’s normal through the night for toddlers
  • [7:19] Why children need to be parented to sleep
  • [10:36] Getting to the root cause of why you and your baby are losing sleep
  • [13:45] Making sure you and your partner are on the same page
  • [14:53] Creating a plan for your night weaning
  • [16:09] Planning out your schedule for night weaning and how to implement it
  • [17:30] How to talk to your toddler about weaning
  • [19:36] When you should not try to night wean
  • [21:09] How to begin and what to do if your child wakes up
  • [24:32] When to lean on your support person
  • [25:53] What to do after the first few nights of implementing night weaning
  • [29:35] What a nighttime routine would look like after you’ve night weaned
  • [30:54] How to handle a relapse


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