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Clinical Breastfeeding Care in Phoenix, Arizona

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Breastfeeding/Infant Feeding Appointment

60-120 minute appointments

We perform a full assessment and medical history of you and your baby pertaining to the birth and breastfeeding. We use a hospital grade scale to weigh your baby before and after a feed to measure intake. We observe a feeding session to assess the mechanics of feeding for any issues. We will work on positioning and latch, use any feeding devices you may need, assess infant reflexes and structure, complete an oral examination of your baby, work on suck training or other therapeutic exercises as needed, address diet and nutrition issues, and go over techniques to manage milk supply and express milk if needed. We will leave you with a feeding care plan that includes written instructions on breastfeeding, safe sleep, tummy time, baby wearing, therapeutic exercises, infant intake, referrals, etc. After our consult, a comprehensive care plan and a lactation visit report will be emailed.

Special circumstances may require a visit in your home or another location. Please call to discuss your specific needs so we can accommodate your family.


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 Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Frenectomy Clinic

IBCLC & Surgical provider working as a team

Dr. Ashlee Bower, DMD and Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC, COMS have partnered to bring you the best of both worlds when treating your little one's tongue/lip ties. Dr. Bower has extensive training in performing infant frenectomy and Jacqueline assists with each procedure, giving you the oral exercises and latch techniques you need to make breastfeeding a success after your baby has the procedure. Since we have always believed that IBCLC care is not option when a baby has a frenectomy, we've now created a team that gives you the best of both worlds--something you'll not easily find elsewhere. 

Prenatal Appointments

establish care with our clinic

You may wish to schedule a prenatal appointment due to anticipated challenges, a difficult feeding experience with a previous baby, twins/multiples, or simply the reassurance that you are well prepared to give yourself and this baby the best start.Our lactation team will review your health and breastfeeding history (if applicable) to work with your birth plan to help you prepare for breastfeeding. At these appointments we go over pregnancy and lactation nutrition, first hours of breastfeeding and infant bonding, what items you need to have on hand to feed your baby, teach you how to express milk, and establish a trusting relationship with you. We will be on call for you once you give birth and will be your partner in your breastfeeding journey.


"Jacqueline is a beacon of light in the darkness. I was struggling with my second child, who ate well, but endlessly. I just knew in my gut something wasn’t right, and knew Jacqueline was just the person who could help. She really knows her stuff, and has been a true joy to work with. She helped diagnose my daughter’s Eiffel Tower tie, and was instrumental in helping me get it revised, along with recommending the OH SO NEEDED follow up body work to pull everything together and reach the best outcome possible. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with feeding issues; she is a sweet soul who truly cares about her clients and loves to see mothers succeed and babies thrive.

/  M. C. -- Satisfied Client  /


We accept any form of payment including HSA, flex care cards, cash, or check. Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield and Banner Health insurance. If you have another insurance plan we can bill out of network but you will still need to provide payment at the end of our visit together.

Orofacial Myology


Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC, COMS works with older children and adults who have tongue/lip ties as well as other orofacial myofunctional disorders. See her website here:

What is Orofacial Myology?

It is a learning model that teaches orofacial neuromuscular exercises with the objective of improving healthy muscle tonicity including:

  • Functional activities of the tongue, lips, and mandible to facilitate normal, stable, growth and development.
  • Recognizing parafunctional habits with the objective of eliminating dysfunctional oral behavior patterns: temporomandibular muscle issues (bruxism, clenching, range of motion, postural tongue habits of lips and or mandible). 

Our work is done through a series of exercises that address proper oral function, posture and correction of improper facial muscle movements. We work with our clients to achieve a specific set of goals based on your individual needs. 

The practice of orofacial myology includes evaluation and habit modification for:

  1. Dysfunctional orofacial habits (thumb and finger sucking, nail biting, snoring, mild sleep apnea, mouth breathing, and trichotillomania)
  2. Posturing problems related to the lips, tongue, jaw, body, and respiratory system
  3. Abnormal neuromuscular responses associated with inappropriate mastication and deglutition
  4. Dysfunctional breathing habits
  5. Hyper and hypo sensitivity of the orofacial complex
  6. Swallowing patterns which may be associated with malocclusions 7. Facial and postural esthetics


More to offer...

For the convenience of families in our care, Holistic Lactation carries a range of herbal products, pump flanges, and Mamivac nipple shields in addition to other products and lactation aids you may find useful during your breastfeeding season.

Give us a call if you need to rent a breast pump or infant scale, or if you would like to schedule a fitting for pump flanges.

Products may be picked up at the office.

If you are seeking lactation aids but are in the care of another IBCLC, just let us know – we simply want to know you are enjoying a team of support that works for you.