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Jacqueline Kincer, BA, IBCLC, RLC

Sr. lactation consultant / Owner

Hello! I’m Jacqueline Kincer and I’m a Board Certified Lactation Consultant helping moms and babies holistically overcome breastfeeding challenges. If you have painful latching, problems with milk production, a baby with tongue/lip tie, thrush, mastitis, or pretty much any other problem with breastfeeding you can think of…I’m here to help! My philosophy is to start with the most natural and least invasive technique to heal whatever is going on. My approach is holistic—which means using an evidence-based plan of care while ensuring we are getting to the root cause to prevent these problems from ever happening again. I’ve been fortunate enough to help literally thousands of families get through tough times and graduate to joyful & easy breastfeeding. 

Something I’m known for is that my face can’t hide my emotions. No, I do NOT have a poker face! I’ve cried right alongside my clients when they tell me how they feel. And I might just laugh out loud when I hear your baby blowout their diaper! As a mom of two wonderful children, I’ve known the depth of emotion many moms feel when breastfeeding isn’t going well. I often see myself in the moms that I work with. Coming from a career as a high-powered stock broker, my world was blown open when I gave birth to my first child. I struggled with toe-curling pain when latching for the first six weeks of his life. I had plugged ducts, mastitis, and later discovered he had a tongue tie. You’d think I’d be a pro by the time my second child was born and I was already a lactation consultant. But she was my greatest teacher yet—we went through two procedures to release her tongue tie, bouts of colic and reflux, food intolerances, and painful breastfeeding. Through my unique journeys, I’ve investigated every single option available to overcome whatever breastfeeding issue could come my way. That experience has given me the insight and expertise I need to help my clients do the same.

Since I started my practice in 2016, I’ve been an invited speaker at several conventions and international conferences, lecturing to health care providers from all disciplines, on breastfeeding and tongue tie. I’m also honored to be on the faculty for the Indie Birth Midwifery School, teaching a 10 week course on lactation and breastfeeding support to student midwives. I opened a brick-and-mortar location in September 2017 and have built strong relationships with other outstanding providers locally, and all over the world. As I mentioned before, I was a stock broker and my passion for that career came from seeing clients succeed in meeting their financial goals. I applied those skills to volunteering as a La Leche League leader, then founded the Natural Phoenix Moms Group. Before long, I knew my penchant for giving breastfeeding advice was more than just a hobby. I earned my certification as a lactation consultant with a toddler running around and I started my own practice with a baby in my arms. My daughter came with me to see all my clients for the first 8 months of her life until she started walking!

I am always learning, and some of my greatest teachers are my clients. Let me help you and guide you—breastfeeding can truly be easy, painless, and joyful with the right support. Allow me to gift to you the wisdom I’ve gathered over the years. It would be my honor.