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Every breastfeeding mom needs it.

Nobody wants to ask for it.

What is it?

Personalized help to be successful at breastfeeding


If you’re a new mom (or a mom 5 times over) with a desire to GET BREASTFEEDING MASTERED (AKA, painless, full milk supply, and confident) you’re in the right place.

I help women like you crack the CODE and get to consistently easy breastfeeding through compassionate support and boldly honest answers to what’s really going on (unlike the help you got in the hospital)


You’re not meant to figure this out on your own


Besides helping you overcome immediate problems…

... I’ll show you how to consistently:

  • Make all the milk you want

  • Never have painful breastfeeding again

  • Heal food intolerances and eat a diet that nourishes your baby too

  • Use natural remedies instead of medications

  • How to balance working and breastfeeding

  • How to pump like a pro!

  • Get more sleep


What if every feeding was easy?

Your baby was thriving?

You were confident?

YOU were thriving?

Think my claims are outrageous? Fair enough.
Check out my even “outrageous-er” collection of screenshots & testimonials (yep, I can back things up!) showing how my clients breakthrough to MASTER MOTHERHOOD through breastfeeding!

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Jacqueline Kincer, Phoenix Lactation Consultant

Want a full milk supply with a freezer stash too?

Want to keep breastfeeding even if you have to go back to work?

Need coaching on how to ride the wave of emotions, doubt, and self-sabotage that every postpartum mom struggles with?

We got this breastfeeding thang down, and offer white-glove (or purple nitrile, as the case may be) lactation services.

I’ll give you super-smart strategies to optimize your health (and your baby’s), sleep strategies, spot-on breastfeeding support and life-changing mindset work. Sound like what you need? Check out the options below to work with me!

Breastfeeding Support Success Session

Get personalized Clinical Expertise that Leaves You with the Perfect Latch

In-office or live video

60 minutes

Written care plan

Breastfeeding Support Package

most moms need at least 3 appointments to get the best results

3 In-office or live video appointments

Use anytime (even when pregnant!)

Written care plan

Complete breastfeeding support

All the personalized guidance and extended support you need to be successful

In-office or live video

3 months support

Written care plan

Unlimited email support


Coming soon…

Do you want to become a member of the premier online breastfeeding support community?


Jacqueline is a beacon of light in the darkness.
— Monica C.
I will tell anyone looking for help that she is the one to go to.
— Natalie N.


Besides making my clients successful breastfeeding moms, and

having people like Indie Birth Midwifery School ask me

to be on their faculty…. are 9 totally unrelated, fun facts about me: 

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Ready to breastfeed + succeed?