It Takes a Village — We're That Village

Each and every person at our company knows through and through how personal the subject of motherhood and breastfeeding can be.

As mothers ourselves, the fears you have felt have been experienced by us too.


Lactation Supplements

Our specialized blend of organic and high-quality ingredients took years of research and clinical experience to formulate. Taken daily, these can help increase and support your milk supply and keep it flowing.



The Nurture Collective®

We host a supportive online community made up of fellow moms, here to give you the tools and confidence you need to connect with and provide breastmilk for your baby.



Breastfeeding Guides

With our breastfeeding guides, you can get quick answers on a breastfeeding topic with accurate info & guidance to improve your breastfeeding experience.

  • Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC®, CSOM

    CEO & Clinical Manager

    Meet Jacqueline Kincer, a dedicated breastfeeding advocate and the visionary behind Holistic Lactation®. Serving as the founder and CEO, Jacqueline is committed to empowering breastfeeding families worldwide.

    As a mother of two, Jacqueline has personally faced and conquered her own breastfeeding challenges. This firsthand experience has granted her a deep understanding of the multifaceted obstacles that families may encounter along their own breastfeeding paths. Recognizing that breastfeeding success is influenced by numerous factors, Jacqueline adopts a holistic approach. She acknowledges the significance of mental health, financial barriers, systemic injustices, inadequate policies, and unrealistic expectations in shaping the breastfeeding experience.

    Jacqueline’s ultimate goal is to empower mothers, allowing them to define their own breastfeeding success and discover what truly works best for them and their babies. With unwavering determination, she strives to dismantle barriers, foster empowerment, and promote a breastfeeding journey that aligns with each family’s unique circumstances.

  • Cait Ahern, BS, IBCLC®

    Lactation Consultant & Community Manager

    Cait is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Birth Educator with her degree in Child and Adolescent Development. She helps families with the whole spectrum of infant feeding difficulties-from newborn latch to teething toddlers. She specializes in oral ties, pumping, older babies, and low supply. Cait is also experienced in caring for Neurodivergent families, and offers accommodations to ensure support for every family’s needs.

    Her passion for infant feeding support blossomed from her own breastfeeding struggles as a first time mom. With a team of help, she was able to overcome the initial roadblocks and nurse her son for two years, and then her daughter a few years later! From these experiences, she knew she had to become part of the support system that uplifts and empowers parents. Now through advocating, education, and personalized support, she helps families reach their feeding goals.

    Cait is a mom of two spectacular and spunky kids, enjoys reading in every spare moment, and loves spending time outdoors in her beautiful home state of Idaho.

Woman-Owned & Operated

We’re proud to be a certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the most relied upon certification standard for women-owned businesses.