Reimagining Postpartum as a Transformation

Reimagining Postpartum as a Transformation

In this episode, Jacqueline is joined by Arielle Martone to discuss postpartum wellness and healing after childbirth. Arielle is a physical therapist and postpartum wellness coach, who shares her own experiences with postpartum depression, pelvic pain, and breastfeeding challenges. Together, Jacqueline & Arielle examine the lack of focus on mental and emotional well-being during and after pregnancy. They also talk about the importance of listening to your body’s needs and allowing yourself time to heal rather than rushing back to work or pre-baby routines.


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why you need to allow yourself enough time to heal physically and mentally after childbirth.
  • How to listen to your body’s needs and don’t rush into workouts, diets or going back to work too soon.
  • Ways to address any underlying issues that may contribute to postpartum depression and anxiety.
  • What you can do to embrace the changes that come with motherhood instead of getting back to how you were before.
  • Actionable tools you can use to support yourself in postpartum recovery


A glance at this episode:

  • [4:26] Transitioning into a postpartum wellness coach
  • [11:12] Arielle’s experience with having an epidural during labor
  • [16:07] How to prepare for postpartum depression
  • [23:26] Identifying underlying issues with mom when it comes to location success
  • [26:37] The importance of self-care during postpartum
  • [32:14] Arielle’s postpartum healing timeline
  • [40:19] Mapping out a realistic timeline
  • [45:13] Back pain and pelvic floor pain
  • [50:14] How to ask for help when needed


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